Calgary Herald

1948-05-08 Page 7

W.C.T.U. District Convention Held In Nanton 

Mrs. M. C. Morrow of Nanton was re-elected president of the W.C.T.U. at the 36th annual convention of the Calgary district group held recently in the United Church in Nanton.
Reports given by the various conveners showed a successful and active year in all departments. Mrs. Agnes Lowther of Nanton told of the work being accomplished through the Sunday schools.
THE ACTIVITIES in youth groups were outlined by Mrs. R. L. Byrd of Irricana, superintendent of the Youth Temperance Council.
Mrs. A. W. Ardley, Calgary district city superintendent of scientific temperance instruction, reported that a committee of five city teachers is studying the leaflet relating to the W.C.T.U. contests conducted through the public and high schools and will submit recommendations for its revision to the provincial executive.
The rural 
scientific temperance superintendent, Mrs. J. N. Vanderburgh, gave a display of posters with the outstanding work of Grades I to IV from Wood's Home and Bowness schools receiving special attention.
MRS. MORROW gave the presidential address, commenting on the "resurgence in the United States toward prohibition. Many local option plebiscites have voted dry and it has been prophesied that prohibition will return in five years."
Mr. J. T. Foster brought greetings from the Nanton school and said "the evils of alcohol as it affects health are being taught in three separate courses, health, biology and chemistry."
Mrs. F. G. Grevett, provincial president, announced at the banquet the organization of the Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba school of narcotic education. She appealed for subscription to the bursary fund which is to be a memorial to the late Mrs. L. C. McKinney, M.L.A., and Mrs. S. G. Craig of Olds, who was the first president of the W.C.T.U. in the North West Territories.
THE FOLLOWING slate of officers was elected: President, Mrs. Morrow, Nanton; first vice-president, Mrs. Walter Salt; second vice-president, Mrs. G. T. Grainger; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Agnes Lowther, Nanton; treasurer, Mrs. E. M. Baillie; recording secretary, Mrs. S. T. Armstrong, Nanton; and L.T.L. secretary, Mrs. Kate Loree, Nanton.
Superintendents appointed are: Evangelistic, Mrs. W. F. Robinson; Sunday school, Mrs. J. B. Sibbald; scientific temperance instruction city, Mrs. A. W. Ardley, and rural, Mrs. J. N. Vanderburgh. 

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-14