Calgary Herald

1948-05-17 Page 6

Mothers' Y Club Elects Mrs. Halstenson

The Mothers Y Club held its annual meeting recently in the Y.M.C.A. when the constitution was approved. Mr. Ray Atkinson showed three films on camp life and described camping activities at Camp Chief Hector.
MRS. W. G. MUNCH, retiring 
president, thanked the members and the executive for their support and wished success to the incoming slate of officers who were then installed as follows, honorary president, Mr. Ray Atkinson; 
president, Mrs. Earl Halstenson; vice-president, Mrs. J. H. Murray; secretary, Mrs. L. L. Gaetz; assistant secretary, Mrs. R. G. Hicks; treasurer, Mrs. G. J. Riezebos; press, Mrs. Phil Hyman; social convener, Mrs. J. E. Emmerson; project convener, Mrs. B. M. Clark; choir convener, Mrs. Edwin Walker; and sick and visiting convener, Mrs. H. LesVesconte.
ea was served by Mrs. J. E. Emmerson and her committee.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-14