Calgary Herald

1948-01-18 Page 6


Mrs. J. V. H. Milvain Again Leads Conservative Women 

Mrs. J. V. H. Milvain was re-elected president of the 
Calgary branch of the Women's Progressive Conservative Association at the annual meeting Tuesday in the Board of Trade rooms.
Plans were made for a membership tea Feb. 18 to be held at the home of the past president, Mrs. S. C. Nickle. Mrs. J. J. Dunn, assisted by Mrs. Ross Henderson and Mrs. A. W. Hobbs will convene the affair.
MRS. I. V. PARSLOW, membership convener
, assisted by Mrs. H. M. Pratten, will work out means of stimulating greater interest among younger married women and getting the support of this group.
Reports showed a successful year and there is a balance of $136 in the bank. Mrs. R. S. Godfrey, treasurer, stated $236 had been raised with expenditures of $127.
REPORTS included Miss Marion Fawdry, program convener, Mrs. I. V. Parslow, membership, Mrs. J. J. Dunn, social committee, Mrs. L. G. Fisher, s
ecretary, and Miss May Luzi, corresponding secretary.
The following
is the slate of officers presented by the nominating committee: Honorary presidents, Mrs. John Bracken, Mrs. W. R. Hull and Mrs. J. H. Woods; honorary vice-presidents, Mrs. A. L. Smith and Mrs. D. C. Harkness; past president, Mrs. S. C. Nickle; president, Mrs. J. V. H. Milvain; first vice-president, Mrs. J. Ross Henderson; second vice-president, Mrs. Harry M. Pratten; recording secretary, Mrs. J. W. McMartin; corresponding secretary, Mrs. W. Attwood; treasurer, Mrs. R. C. Godfrey; and press secretary, Miss May Luzi.

CONVENERS of committees include: Program, Miss Marion Fawdry; membership, Mrs. I. V. Parslow; social, Mrs. J. J. Dunn; sick and visiting, Mrs. Hugh Farthing; United Nations, to be announced later.
The constituency councillors elected were: West Calgary, Mrs. S. R. Farquharson, Mrs. J. V. Follett, Mrs. A. W. Hobbs, Mrs. Harold Herron, Mrs. I. V. Parslow, Mrs. G. F. Sheffield, Mrs. C. C. Wycokoff, Mrs. W. R. Blow and Miss May Luzi; Calgary East, Miss P. L. Pue, Miss Marion Fawdry, Mrs. Dorothy Lee, Mrs. D. G. Porter, Mrs. J. J. Dunn, Mrs. John Banffy, Mrs. D. C. Blow, Mrs. Arthur Hall, Mrs. Hugh C. Farthing, Mrs. R. Wolford; Bow River, Mrs. A. W. Brooks, Mrs. D. L. Carmichael, Mrs. Walley Patterson, Mrs. Bert Robinson, Mrs. J. A. McKinnon and Mrs. A. Exelby.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-20