Calgary Herald

1948-01-09 Page 9   

Kimberley Plans Improvements

(By Herald Correspondent)
KIMBERLEY, B.C., Jan. 9-- Assessment totals in Kimberley for the 1948 tax levy were reported at the statutory meeting of the city at $405,670, with $354,375 of it taxable, and improvements at $2,960,235 with $650,750 taxable at half the assessment.
Outlining the general 
improvements plans for central Kimberley, first consideration will be given to laying the trunk sewer. When the course of the sewer is mapped initial work on permanent streets will be given.
NEXT IMPORTANT improvement item to be undertaken this year is diversion of Mark Creek on Wallinger Ave. from Howard St. straight down Wallinger to the bridge below the railway crossing in the city.
APPOINTMENTS OF CITY council committee headed by chairman for 1948 are: po
lice committee, mayor and whole council: finance, S. McL. Korton, Bruno Fabro and J. H. Twells; works and building, William Waldie, Bruno Fabro and Fred Burrin; light, parks and recreation, J. H. Twells, S. M. Norton and Mark Beduz; water and fire, J. H. Twells, William Waldie and Mark Beduz; health and sanitation, Bruno Fabro, Fred Burrin and S. M. Norton; social assistance, Mark Beduz, William Waldie and J. Twells.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-08