Calgary Herald

1948-01-21 Page 9

Oyen Groups Elect Officers 

OYEN, Jan. 21-- The Social Credit ladies group met at the home of Mrs. R. Walsh and elected officers for the year as follows: president, Mrs. R. Peterson; vice-president, Mrs. A. Finnerty; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. R. Walsh. The meetings will be held the second Thursday in each month. The group planned a bingo party to be held at the home of Mrs. E. D. Thygesen on the evening of Feb. 12.
The newly elected officers of the United Church Woman's Association for the year 1948 are: president, Mrs. F. Thayer; vice-president, Mrs. H. Hall; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. M. Padberg. Meetings will be held the first Thursday in each month.


The Altar Society of the Scared Heart Church met at the home of Mrs. Lydsman, and the following officers were elected: president, Mrs. A. Finnerty; vice-president, Mrs. Lydsman; secretary, Mrs. T. Thompson. Meetings will be held first Thursday in every month.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-05