Calgary Herald

1948-03-06 Page 7

L.A. To Hospital Re-elects Mrs. F. A. Campbell

Mrs. F. A. Campbell was re-elected president of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Calgary General hospital for her second term and the first meeting of the new executive was held Wednesday in the nurses' home.
The other officers are: Mrs. W. M. Duncan, first vice-president; Mrs. C. C. Matthews, second vice-president; Mrs. E. P. Richardson, secretary; Mrs. F. J. Effett, treasurer; Mrs. Arthur West, convener for visiting the sick; Mrs. A. H. McLaren, convener for caring for infants and children.
OTHER CONVENERS are: Mrs. R. L. Manning, knitting; Mrs. A. C. Newbery, social; Mrs. S. E. Dafoe, sewing; Mrs. C. B. Wright, refreshment; Mrs. A. D. Callum, purchasing; Mrs. Harvey Duncan, membership; Mrs. V. Forcade, constitution; Mrs. J. R. Hammill, nomination; Miss Isabelle Lamont, liason officer.
Dr. R. C. Riley, pathologist at the Holy Cross hospital, spoke to the Ladies' Auxiliary on the RH factor and its relation to blood transfusion.
Plans were made for the annual spring daffodil tea to be held April 3 with Mrs. A. C. Newbery and Mrs. C. B. Wright convening.
The auxiliary was formed in 1947.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-11