Calgary Herald

1948-01-30 Page 15

D. B. MacKenzie Named Hospital Board Head 
Mrs. T. L. O'Keefe Unanimously Elected to Post of Vice-President 

D. B. MacKenzie, continuing Labor member, was unanimously elected president, and Mrs. T. L. O'Keefe, continuing Civic Government Association member, was unanimously elected vice-president, when the Calgary 
Hospitals' Board held its organization meeting Thursday evening at city hall.
While the 
board tabled until the next meeting its approval of the Alberta Blue Cross hospitalization plan, so that comparisons could be made with straight municipal plans, it paved the way for the introduction of a hospitalization scheme.
THIS WAS DONE by adopting a basic rate of $4.30 a day in general wards, effective Feb. 1. This will not effect the resident rate of $2.30 a day because a rebate of $2 a day will be given, but the n
on-resident rate will be increased from $3.75 by 75 75 cents a day. The basic rate of $4.30 a day will be effective in all the larger hospitals in Alberta known as Group A hospitals.
The board also approved the adoption of a system of keeping financial and statistical records which will be uniform in all Group A hospitals and adopted the uniform scale of rates to be charged for special services such as operating room, maternity case room, x-ray and laboratory fees.
DISCUSSION of requests of hospital employees for pay increases and changes in working conditions was held over to a special meeting to be held at 8 p.m. next Thursday, when a report on the additional cost will be submitted by the finance committee.
The general request was for an increase on the basis of rise in cost of living as from July 1, 1947 at the rate of 25 cents per week per point rise, reduction to 40 hours, without loss of earnings, for those working in excess of 40 hours, three weeks holidays for all employees after five years service and a union shop.
Female laundry help asked for an adjustment of 2 1/2 cents an hour to bring their rate in line with that paid to maids, provision of smocks and a lunch room; orderlies asked to be reclassified at skilled help at the same starting wage as elevator operators to be increased by $3 a month after one year's service and a further $5 a month after two years service.
The present orderlies with two or more years services to be increased $10 a month.
Male kitchen help asked that white trousers be provided and improved toilet facilities be provided.
COMMITTEES were named as follows, finance, E. B. Watson, Labor, chairman, Ald. G. C. Lancaster, C.G.A., Ald. P. N. R. Morrison, Labor, and Mayor J. C. Watson; house, A. O. Gardner, Labor, chairman, Mrs. T. L. O'Keefe, C.G.A., Robert Scott, Labor, and V. B. Graveley, C.G.A.; executive, Mr. McKenzie, E. B.Watson, Mr. Gardner, and Mayor Watson.
Board meetings will continue to be held at 8 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month.
The board endorsed resolutions which had been sent to the provincial department of health requesting that the provincial grant be increased from 70 cents to a minimum of $1 per patient per day.
DR. J. D. HEASLIP, medical superintendent, said there was a waiting list of 175 patients on Thursday, the largest on record. There was still a serious shortage of nurses and the General hospital "is just getting by." He said that the General hospital was now fully accredited by the American College of Surgeons.
Dr. T. Melling, chairman of the medical
 staff, represented the medical staff at the meeting.
Drs. A. Belkin, Robert R. Hogg and M. K. MacGougan were admitted to the medical staff.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-25