Calgary Herald

1948-01-24 Page 22

Baldwin Named Vets' Leader For 7th Term
'Roddy' Macdonald and Jack Wilson Are Vice-Presidents

Sidney Baldwin was re-elected president of Calgary Unit, Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada for his seventh consecutive term, at the annual meeting held in the clubrooms, 328 4th Ave. W. Friday evening. About 200 members attended the meeting.
"Roddy" Macdonald was elected first vice-president, and Jack Wilson was elected second vice-president.
NINE MEMBERS were placed on the executive committee as follows:
Re-elected, R. H. Scott, I. Spence, S. A. Tucker, Eddie Wilson, Harry Banks and R. G. Mould; veterans of Second Great War elected for their first terms, were J. Webster, W. Williams and J. Hamilton Jr.
An advance poll was used for the first time and proved successful, for about 100 votes were recorded by members unable to attend the meeting, including those in hospital.
By a unanimous vote the unit endorsed the motion sponsored by the Canadian Legion which asked the Alberta government to pay a milk subsidy of three cents per quart, per child, per day to families in the low-income bracket.
Reports showed that the unit was in a sound financial position and had 834 paidup members. Good progress was being made with the addition to the clubrooms which should be ready for use in March.
TEN MEMBERS died during the past year and the executive voted a grant of $50 each to the next of kin of the following: H. T. Anslow, O. M. Alexander, John Briggs, Walter Crowe, F. Hutchins, W. H. Johnston, A. E. McBlane,  D. H. Richards, W. T. Skinner and Charles Walker. 
Jack Wormald declined nomination after 20 years service on the executive, during which time he had held all the executive positions.  He had also been provincial president for three terms. He will be presented with a life membership at the next quarterly meeting in April and will move to the west coast later in the year.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-14