Calgary Herald

1948-04-26 Page 5

Enrollment Shows Decline 
Calgary Sea Cadets Plan Recruiting Drive 

A recruiting campaign for Sea Cadets in Calgary will be carried out at R.C.S.C.C. "Undaunted" according to a report submitted to the annual meeting of the Southern Alberta Division of the Navy League of Canada at the ship Saturday night by T. O. A. West, commanding officer.
A decline in the number of boys enrolled was pointed out in the reports of all area commanding officers, as well as in the report of E. W. Bowness, M.B.E., chairman. Mr. Bowness said that there had been a natural decline in interest after the war and also there was considerable competition from other youth groups. He emphasized, however, that enrollment was far above that of pre-war years.
MR. BOWNESS reported that at the recent Winnipeg meeting of the Navy League of Canada, it was decided to increase the number of scholarships to Royal Roads Naval College, which are granted annually to Sea Cadets from six to 10. This had been made possible, he said, because the navy had agreed to provide the cadets with summer employment after the first year, so that the entire expense of the course did not have to come from the scholarships.
There was an enrollment of 143 in Calgary at the end of December. Enrollment at the other branches was: Lethbridge 99, Red Deer 63 and Drumheller 27.
THE ANNUAL camp at Lake Chestermere will again be held this year, in two, two-week periods July 3 to 17 and 17 to 30.
Mr. Bowness was re-elected chairman of the division. Other officers elected were: John Burns, hon. president; members of the executive: Roger de Winton, J. B. Cross, Mrs. E. G. Mason, Mrs. M. W. Jennings, Mrs. H. L. McDonald, E. T. Chritchley, Commander R. R. Jackson, Lieut. Schaithe Square, D. V. Hicks, Walter S. Webb, M. C. James, E. T. Banks, W. H. Byers, A. G. Boyce, Mrs. R. C. Jamieson, W. Pierce, Dr. F. S. Morley, K. W. Mitchell, F. S. Stevens, W. G. Stunden, G. N. Hargreaves, F. D. Weir, N. W. Douglas and W. H. Mitchell, all of Calgary.
Lethbridge officers are: A. G. Baalim, chairman; Harvey Greenway, treasurer; George Manson, vice-chairman; D. G. W. Sutherland, secretary. Red Deer: E. G. Gooderidge, chairman, and E. Fletcher, secretary. Drumheller: B. M. Davidson, chairman, and W. Sutherland, secretary.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-07