Calgary Herald

1948-01-26 Page 9

Four Hundred Attend Annual Legion Meeting
Foster, Nelson and Allen Head Branch; Six Named to Executive

Albert D. Foster was elected president of Calgary No.1 Branch, Canadian Legion, B.E.S.L., at the annual general meeting held Sunday afternoon in Memorial Hall with 400 members in attendance. It was one of the biggest meetings of the Legion in Calgary.
Mr. Foster succeeded Ralph W. Henderson, who declined nomination for any office after serving the branch for eight years as president and four years as first vice-president. Mr. Henderson also had been vice-president of the Alberta Command for four years and command chairman for nine years. He was given a vote of thanks for his services.
MR. FOSTER HAS been a member of the branch continuously for 20 years. He is a cashier in the Customs branch of the Department of National Revenue. He enlisted in 1914 at Calgary in the 31st Alberta Regiment (Bell's Bulldogs) C.E.F., proceeded to France in 1915 and was wounded while serving on the Somme in 1916. He was invalided
 back to Calgary in the spring of 1918.
S. S. "Stan" Nelson was elected first vice-president after filling the post of second vice-president last year, and Joe Allen was elected second vice-president. Mr. Allen is chairman of the Alberta Command. Mr. Nelson is provincial treasurer.
SIX MEMBERS were elected to the executive committee for a one-year term, as follows: J. J. Law, Miss Helen Kozicky, R. T. Alderman, C. E. Williams, A. H. Norrington and Harold Smith. With the exception of Ald. Alderman all are veterans of the Second Great War.
Members of the executive who continue in office for another year are: Tom Snaddon, Norman Cape, Jack Bulmer, Mrs. G. G. McFadyen, S. Ray Farquharson and J. T. Rae.
By a majority vote it was vote it was decided to abandon the system of electing six executive members each year for a two-year term and revert to the former plan of electing 12 members for a one-year term at each election.
MR. HENDERSON and Arthur Wakelyn were placed on the board of trustees which includes Jack.....

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Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-14