Calgary Herald

1948-02-02 Page 9

Bowness Legion Branch Opened 

The newly-formed Bowness Branch (Alberta No. 238) of the Canadian Legion received its Dominion charter at ceremonies held in the Rex theatre,Bowness, Sunday afternoon. Officers of the branch  also were installed.
The charter was presented to Col. E. R. Knight,  president of the new branch, by A. E. Wakelyn who officiated in the absence of Alex Walker, immediate past president of the Dominion command.
D. E. FRASER provincial secretary, installed following officers: Col. Knight, president; H. E. Morgensen, vice-president; executive, M. Murray, E. Harwich, E. D. Schweitzer, H. Finley, H. B. Ross, and O. J. Katzalay; G. E. Garland, secretary-treasurer. A color party from Calgary No. 1 branch  participated in the installation ceremony. Bob McChesney, sergeant-at-arms being assisted by color bearers D. McLellan and J. Thompson with Miss Vicki Tate playing military marches on the piano.
Short addresses and fraternal greetings were given by Mr. 
Wakelyn, Mr. Fraser, Col. Knight, Mrs.
Mary Dover, provincial second vice-president; A. D. Foster, president, Calgary No. 1 Branch; Mr. Morgensen, J. Robertson, president of the Ogden branch. Other visitors included H. J. Appleton, Turner Valley branch; Col. D. G. L. Cunnington, secretary, Alberta United Services Institute; T. J. L. Wilkinson, Imperial Branch No. 102.
Vocal solos were given by George Barrs accompanied by Mrs. J. Ferguson.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-30