Calgary Herald

1948-01-28 Page 10

C. Stagg Heads Okotoks Legion

(By Herald Correspondent)
OKOTOKS, Jan. 28-- Charles Stagg was elected president of the Okotoks branch of the Canadian Legion last week. Sydney Palmar was named vice-president and D. R. Topham as secretary-treasurer. Rev. Charles P. Bishop is chaplain and Cyril Hooper sergeant-at-arms.
The executive will consist of J. D. Miller, W. W. Bell, J. S. Imler and John Wilson.
Committees were appointed as follows: sports-- Lloyd Rumsey and W. Bruton; sick-- Nels Maslen; ways and means-- W. C. Gibbard, J. H. C. Johnson, and John Sparrow; entertainment-- S. J. Osmond and J. L. Daze; membership-- J. Johnson and D
. Colby Carr. 

 Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-20