Calgary Herald

1948-04-26 Page 8


Red Deer Forms Legion Auxiliary  

(By Herald Correspondent)
RED DEER, April 26-- 
Formation of a Ladies' Auxiliary to the Red Deer Branch of the Canadian Legion, B.E.S.L., was completed Thursday evening with Mrs. C. R. Bunn elected president of the group.
Other officers are: first 
vice-president, Mrs. W. J. Kirkpatrick; second vice-president, Mrs. Tom Foster; treasurer, Mrs. Fred Tetley; and Mrs. Gladys Hall, secretary.
The executive will consist of Mrs. A. G. Taylor, Mrs. Hugh MacKay, Mrs. D. C. Dale, Mrs. D. C. Parker, Mrs. R. McFaul, and Mrs. R. W. E. Tetley.
COMRADE W. J. C. Kirkby, president of the Red Deer Branch, presided for the first part of the meeting while Chas. M. Norman acted as secretary.
Mrs. M. Tedrichini, president of the Innisfail Branch of the Ladies' Auxiliary, assisted by Mrs. W. Rawlings, second vice-president of the Alberta Provincial Command also of Innisfail; installed the officers. Regular meetings will held on the fourth Friday of each month in the Armory.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-07