Calgary Herald

1948-02-06 Page 8

McQueen Heads Vulcan Legion 

(By Herald Correspondent)
VULCAN, Feb. 6-- The 
 Vulcan branch of the Canadian Legion recently named the following officers for the current year:
resident, D. D. McQueen, who succeeds Major C. R. Robson, who served as president for the past three years; first vice-president, R. C. R. Munro; secondvice-president, R. W. Simington; secretary-treasurer, C. Hoskyn (re-elected).
Rev. V. S. Lord was appointed chaplain.
The executive committee was elected as follows: C. L. Findlay, A. G. Scott, Joh
n Hunter, Jack Price, William Newfeld.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-06