Calgary Herald

1948-05-28 Page 8

Mrs. A. H. Stephen New President Central H.S.A. 

At a recent meeting of Central H.S.A. Mrs. A. R. Ryan installed the following executive: President, Mrs. A. H. Stephen; first vice-president, Mrs. Samuel Arney; recording secretary, Mrs. Ernest Anderson; treasurer, Mrs. A. A. ?; social convener, Mrs. John Evans; press, Mrs. Alex. Low; United Nations, Mrs. James Wiltshire; child and family welfare, Mrs. S. J. Davies; telephone, Mrs. H. B. R. Kirkpatrick; receptionist, Mrs. A. C. Steeves; sick and visiting, Mrs. L. A. Parker.
MRS. A. A. GRIMES gave a report on the recent convention at Olds.
Mrs. A. A. Stephen presented Mrs. L. Bowman, retiring president, with a past-president's pin and a gift from the executive. Mrs. A. R. Ryan received corsage of flowers. 

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-24