Calgary Herald

1948-05-21 Page 5

Mouser Heads Claresholm HSA

(By Herald Correspondent)
CLARESHOLM, May 21-- Miss M. Fisher of the College of Education, Calgary, was the guest speaker at the H.S.A. meeting, and spoke on "Understanding The Child" from the viewpoint of both the parent and teacher. She emphasized the three things which must be taught the child by his parent good manners, morals and religion.
D. A. MOUSER presided, and E. L. Pitt presented the report of the nomination committee and the following slate of officers was elected for the coming year: president, D. A. Mouser; 1st vice-president, Gordon Walker; 2nd vice president, Peter Jamieson; secretary, Miss Mary Burke;  treasurer, Mrs. Neil Stewart; conveners of committees: program, Mrs. Mike Bowie; lunch,  Mrs. R. Ferguson; education, Mrs. W. S. Korek; publicity and membership, Mrs. Mildred Richards.
Mrs. J. Richards gave a report of the H.S.A. convention held in Olds. The Grade one pupils of Miss Marion McDonald presented a program of rythm band numbers, action songs and folk dances. Miss Gladys Balderson and Arnold Waak were accompanists.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-18