Calgary Herald

1948-05-20 Page 6

Earl Grey H.S.A. Elects New Officers 

Mrs. Edwin Walker was named head of the new slate of officers presented by Mrs. Helen Y. Firmstone at the May meeting of the Earl Grey H.S.A.
A PROGRAM by the pupils of the primary grades under the direction of Miss E. G. Hepburn, Miss Ada Smith and Miss Flora Greenhalgh was presented.
Mrs. C. G. Crosland read the treasurer's report in the absence of Mrs. M. H. Welch.
Mrs. A. J. Goodman gave a summary of the activities during the year and announced that the membership was 237. Mr. David E. Bickell, principal, thanked the retiring executive for their assistance.
THE NEW slate of officers is as follows: President, Mrs. Walker; first vice-president, Mrs. 
C. E. Smith; second vice-president, Mrs. William Taylor; treasurer, Mrs. H. C. McElroy; membership, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Welch and Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Loest; social, Mrs. W. H. Crump and Mrs. W. G. Keith; press, Mrs. N. ? McDermid; reception, Mrs. Helen Y. Firmstone; and monthly notices, Mrs. D. J. McLaughlin.
Mrs. H. Bradley explained material for future programs. Refreshments were served by Mrs
. J. H. Palmason, assisted by Mrs. D. J. McLaughlin and Mrs. V. W. Abercrombie. The girls in Grade VII and VIII assisted in the care of small children.
Winners of the telephone bridge were Mrs. Arthur Morgan, Mr. Robert Wallace and Mrs
. Jack Reid.

Extracted by J. Kynman