Calgary Herald

1948-05-12 Page 24

First Aid Class Receives Badges

The first aid class instructed by Mrs. Margaret Hart was examined by Dr. Ivan Dixon Tuesday in the Orange Hall. The following students were successful in securing their certificates:
Grace Barkley, Donald John Brent, Ray A. Craig, Jessie Mary Pilkington, William K. Pitt, James E. Robb, Eleanor Trimble, Lee? Trimble, C
atherine Van Ham, Edith Wallace, Shirley Wallis, Anna Alexa, Lawna M. Barkley, Forrest Glenn Brown, Stephen Esopenko, Jean Gillies, Farrel L. Leavitt, Mary Letkeman, Verna Little, Michel Miller, Marly Mislan and Evelyn Tomik.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-14