Calgary Herald

1948-06-08 Page 6


McDougall H.S.A. Installs Officers At Annual Meeting


Mrs. Edward Quail was elected president of the McDougall H.S.A. at the annual election of officers Tuesday evening.

Mr. L. W. Colwell, honorary president, installed the following newly-elected officers: honorary vice-president, Mrs. Thomas Smith; first vice-president, Mrs. Christie Jenkins; second vice-president, Mrs. Alex Mason; recording secretary, Mrs. Ross Williams; assistant secretary, Mrs. Frank Smith; treasurer, Mrs. C. R. Goodfellow; conveners: Mrs. F. G. Parkes, (press), Mrs. W. J. Sewell (welfare), Mr. Edwin Streeting (council representative), Mrs. Richard Johnston (?tion), Mrs. James Hopkins (membership), and Mrs. Clem Channon (pianist). Mr. A. S. Currie, Miss Jean Budge and Mrs. L. H. Lieberman were elected members.

Convention reports were given by Mrs. Quail and Mrs. Christie Jenkins. The room attendance prize was won by Miss Blanche Douglas' class. A committee headed by Mrs. Richard Johnston served refreshments.



Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-50