Calgary Herald

1948-05-12 Page 7

Mrs. Ralph Will Heads Rideau H.S.A.

Rideau Park H.S.A. held its May meeting this week, at which Mrs. Ralph Will was elected president, heading the following slate of officers:
HONORARY president, Mr. F. S. Macleod; past president, Mrs. James Pogue; vice-presidents, Mrs. C. M. Curleigh, Mrs. M. ? Dagg, Mrs. D. C. Haworth and Miss J. McGaw; recording secretary, Mrs. Russell Wilson; correspondence secretary, Mrs. W. K. Jull; treasurer, Mrs. L. L. Jacobson; program conveners, Mrs. T. H. Fountain, Mrs. R. D. Cameron; social conveners, Mrs. C. M. Don
ald, Mrs. W. E. Kilpatrick; membership, Mrs. H. J. Kellam; music, Mrs. J. W. Churchill; reception, Mrs. J. C. Tallon; press, Mrs. W. J. Clapham; sick and visiting, Mrs. A. G. Boyce.
A REPORT on the Olds convention was given by Mrs. L. L. Jacobson and a gift wa
s presented to the retiring president, Mrs. James Pogue. A cake made by Mrs. T. H. Fountain was raffled and won by Mrs. Volney Cope. Room prizes were won by Miss A. Aylesworth and Miss M. Salt.
Refreshments were served by Mrs. D. C. Haworth and Mrs. W. K. Jull, assisted by the executive.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-14