Calgary Herald

1948-05-31 Page 6

Mrs. Campbell Heads H.S.A. Stanley Jones 

The Stanley Jones H.S.A. held its annual meeting Thursday and Mrs. D. A. Hanson, newly-elected president of the Calgary Council of H.S.A., installed the following slate of officers:
HONORARY president, Mr. A. W. Van Volkenberg; past president, Mrs. J. A. Ritchie; president, Mrs. William Campbell; first vice-president, Mrs. William Layton; second vice-president, Mr. F. E. Worger; third vice-president, Mrs. G. B. Evans; recording secretary, Mrs. H. O. Brown; corresponding secretary, Mrs. E. F. McGregor; treasurer, Mrs. H. E. Halpin; convener of finance, Mrs. William McIntosh; publicity, Mrs. E. J. Stark Jr.; council,  Mrs. William Layton; press, Mrs. R. W. Peers; program, Miss Elsie James and Mrs. P. K. Morton; social, Mrs. Thomas Elliott; sick and visiting, Mrs. William Mathieson; child and family welfare, Mrs. P. G. Welsh; reception, Mrs. Albert Spanier; membership, Mrs. J. J. Sparling; sports, Mr. Arthur Fredell; teachers' representative, Mr. F. E. W
orger; radio and visual, Mrs. J. A. Ritchie; pianist, Mrs. E. A. Smith.
MRS. HANSON was presented with a corsage of red roses. The retiring president, Mrs. J. A. Ritchie, received a past president's pin and a cup and saucer. Reports 
on the Olds convention were given by Mrs. William Campbell and Mrs. G. B. Evans.
The Grade III choir, directed by Miss Alice Kelly, which won a trophy at the recent musical festival, entertained the members. During refreshments, served by Mrs. G. B. Evans and her committee, girls of Grades VI, VII and VII and IX, directed by Miss Young, gave a fashion parade, modelling aprons, blouses and dresses 
they had made

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-24