Calgary Herald

1948-06-02 Page 7

Sunalta H.S.A. Elects Officers 

Mrs. Munroe MacLeod 
was elected president of the Sunalta H.S.A. at a recent meeting. She succeeds Mrs. E. W. Edwards who has been president of the association for two years.
OTHER OFFICERS elected and installed by Mrs. C. H. Garvie were: associate president, Mr. E. D. Campbell; first vice-president, Mr. C. J. Gillespie; second vice-president, Mrs. J. G. MacGregor; secretary, Mrs. G. G. Geary; corresponding 
secretary, Mrs. D. G. Campbell; treasurer, Mrs. Basil French; membership convener, Mrs. W. H. Neild; social convener, Mrs. S. W. Dash; program convener, Mrs. E. W. Edwards.
Mrs. Robert Riches was appointed sick visiting representative while Mrs. N. B. Hobbs will be publicity convener. Mrs. W. D. Garvie and Mrs. Joseph Towers were appointed to the home and school council and other officers are: Mrs. Garvie, child and family welfare; Mrs. S. B. Burnand, Red Cross convener; and Mrs. J. K. Mowat, phone convener.
A CUP AND saucer were presented to Mrs. Edwards, retiring president, by Mrs. Garvie. Miss E. E. Davis, an exchange teacher from England who is teaching in Calgary, compared the school systems of South Carolina, Alberta, and Britain.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-24