Calgary Herald

1948-01-10 Page 13

Appoint Members Of Varsity Senate 

Edmonton, Jan. 13 (CP)
Five new 
members of the University of Alberta Senate and a lengthy list of recommendations for degrees among students were announced following a meeting of the Senate over the week-end, under the chairmanship of Chancellor Dr. A. E. Rutherford.
New members of the Senate are: J. E. A. Macleod, Calgary, representing the Law Society of Alberta; H. H. Parlee, K.C., newly-appointed chairman of governors; Dr. Robert Newton, dean 
of agriculture; E. D. C. Thomson, representative of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and Dr. G. S. Lord, senior principal of Alberta normal schools.
A mid-year list of 84 university students who will receive degrees, diplomas and certificates at convocation next spring was presented, besides a list of 64 nurses from all parts of the province, who will receive the degree of R.N.
Lt.-Col. P. W. Warren, officer commanding the Canadian Officers' Training Corps at the 
university, said the C.O.T.C. had a strength of 513, and the auxiliary battalion totaled 507, which makes 1,220 men receiving military training.

 Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-08