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MORE THAN 250 DELEGATES REGISTERED TODAY for the 33rd annual convention of the Alberta Hotel Association being held in the Palliser hotel. President A. G. Swinarton of Fort Macleod is shown above with three other delegates. They are (left to right): Louis Belland, Jasper Place; Mr. Swinarton; H. G. Curlett, Peace River; and in the background, Alf Cantalini, Medicine Hat. The convention will end Tuesday.

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...365 days a year. We must have so many rooms before we are granted a licence.
"IN MANY instances, we operate a dining room which is not profitable. To make a profit on guest rooms we must have a high rate of occupancy, at least 80 per cent. Many hotels show a much lower rate-- about 60 per cent."
Mr. Swinarton revealed to the convention recommendations the association made earlier this year to the Alberta liquor committee which included Premier Manning, Hon. Lucien Maynard, attorney-general, and A. J. Mason, chairman of the Alberta Liquor Control Board.
HERE ARE the recommendations presented:
1. That mixed drinking be permitted in Edmonton and Calgary.
2. That hotel beverage room hours of sale be extended to 11 p.m.
3. That the fine imposed on a minor for entering a licensed premises be increased from $25 to $50 for the first offence.
4. That in the event the government planned to expand outlets for the sale of liquor and wines by the open glass, that such services be permitted in licensed premises which offer full hotel facilities.
The only recommendations accepted were for the later closing and increased fine.
GUEST SPEAKERS at the afternoon session were to include Mr. Mason, and W. S. Ross, Edmonton barrister. Mr. Ross planned to speak on "labor-management trends."
A banquet will be held in the evening and John E. Oberholtzer, deputy minister of industries and labor for the provincial government, will deliver the main address.
The election of officers for 1953-54 will be held Tuesday morning. Main speaker at Tuesday's afternoon session will be Dr. J. Donovan Ross, Social Credit M.L.A. The title of his address will be "Alcoholism-- what can we do about it?" Miss Dorothy Muir, of the T. Eaton Co. (Western) Limited, also will speak on "Planned Decoration."
T. A. Steele, public relations officer for the association, and Charles Chausse, a special representative, also are slated to address the convention.
THE ASSOCIATION this year plans to offer 53 scholarships for boys and girls throughout the province. This is an addition of 20 over last year.
The scholarships total $25,000, and there is also a special fund of $5,000 to be established to assist worthy students who may require financial aid for a higher education.
ADDED TO THE scholarship selection committee are: Chief Justice C. C. McLaurin and the Rt. Rev. George Calvert, Anglican bishop of Calgary. Dr. R. M. Hardy, dean of engineering at the University of Alberta, will replace Mr. John Macdonald, one of the original members who retired from the University last fall.
Executive secretary Fred Thomson told the convention there are 403 licensed hotels in the province. Thirty-five of these changed hands last year, with 12 being taken over by former hotel owners.
IN THE PREVIOUS year 31 hotels changed hands.
Twelve hotel licences were suspended in the last year for infractions of the liquor act. Two lost their off-sale privileges for exceeding the amount permitted to a customer. A customer is allowed only two dozen bottles in any one day.
Mr. Thomson said the association has recommended that this quota be increased to four dozen.
MAYOR D. H. MACKAY, in his welcome address, explained his recent stand opposing the erection of a new hotel on the North Hill.
He said he was in favor of as many hotels as possible in Calgary, but the hotels would have to be built to coincide with the city's town planning efforts. One of the major problems with respect to hotels, he said, is parking facilities.
He did not say if this was the specific reason why he opposed the proposed hotel.

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