Calgary Herald

1953-01-08 Page 26


Safety Group Names Officers

A new board of officers for the Alberta Safety Personnel Association was elected at the association's monthly meeting held in the Empress Grill Tuesday evening.
Named president for 1953 was G. W. Goudy, while A. W. Silver was elected vice-president. Secretary-treasurer is Robert Wright. Executive members are: Dorothy Guild, Reg.N., A. L. Whitehead and S. R. Walker.
During the meeting, members of the association voted in favor of a proposal that the A.S.P.A. form a chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers. R. C. Henderson, past president of the group, said there were many advantages to such an affiliation with a national organization while, at the same time, the Safety Personnel Association could continue in its present status.
Final arrangements were also made for a course in job instruction training, to be given members by Lyle Blenner-Hassett, industrial relations manger for the British American Oil Co. The course would be followed at a later date with training in job safety.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-01