Calgary Herald

1953-06-06 Page 6



Mrs. M. K. Henry Elected President Of Authors Group 

Mrs. Marion Kathleen Henry was elected president of the Calgary branch of the Canadian Authors Association at the annual dinner meeting held recently at Coste House.
The guest speaker, Mr. Roy Farran, a member of the editorial staff of The Herald, spoke, touching on the problems faced by writers both before and after publication of a book. He suggested the quiet of a prison cell as an ideal place for writing the first book-length manuscript, Mr. Farran having written his first book, "Winged Dagger," while prisoner-of-war.
MR. J. M. MOIR thanked the speaker for his address.
Mr. John L. Laurie read the award-winning poems in the year-end contest. These poems were judged by Dr. F. E. L. Priestley, professor of English at the University of Toronto. Mrs. Henry was awarded first place for her sonnet "Heritage." Second place went to Mrs. Elizabeth Garbutt for "Early Winter," and Mrs. Marjorie Maycock placed third with her poem, "Interior Decorator." Receiving honorable mentions were Mrs. Garbutt with "Robert of Normandy," Miss Jessie Drummond with "Largo," and Mr. Moir with "The Trapper," and a second mention for his poem "Childhood."
Annual reports were presented by the poetry convener, Miss Ethel E. Boyd; the prose convener, Mrs. Lorraine Hooker, and by the secretary, Mrs. L. Pfeifer.
DR. DOUGLAS LEECHMAN, Carleton College, Ottawa; and Dr. Denis Godfrey, department of English, University of Alberta, were judges of the year-end contests. These stories were divided into two groups, the short short story and long story. The judges were unanimous in awarding first place to Mrs. Maycock for her short story, "The Artist," and first place to Miss Sheilagh Jameson for her long story "When the Partridge Drum."
Dr. Leechman placed Mrs. Kay Thompson's long story, "Where Have You Been?" second; and gave Mrs. Lorraine Hooker second place in the short stories with "Wind Fall."
Dr. Godfrey awarded second place to Mrs. Prior Philip (Sally Sinclair) for her long story "Maitre d'Hotel," and second place for her short story,  "Two Cups of Tea."
Miss Ethel E. Boyd presented the following slate of officers for the coming term: vice-president, Mrs. F. G. Garbutt; secretary, Mrs. C.  Pfeifer; treasurer, Mr. Moir; poetry convener, Miss Boyd; prose convener, Miss Jean Greig; social convener, Mrs. Maycock; executive members, Mrs. H. B. Hill, Mrs. H. E. Downe, Mrs. M. P. Hartroft and Miss Jameson.
Mrs. M. P. Hartroft presented Mrs. Philip with a gift and expressed appreciation of the splendid work accomplished by the retiring president during her term of office.

Extracted by J. Kynman