Calgary Herald

1953-11-12 - Page 19


To Aid Newcomers
Immigrants' Hostel Suggested For City

John Banffy was re-elected president of the Calgary branch of the Canadian Citizenship Council Wednesday at the annual meeting of the council at the Hungarian Hall.
Nichols Gunn, criticizing the lack of care of hundreds of immigrants who arrive here without sufficient financial means and adequate knowledge of English, called for the establishment of a hostel for immigrants. This would accommodate those newcomers to Calgary who need help urgently.
THE COUNCIL decided to send a letter to the immigration and citizenship department in Ottawa and ask for the improvement of the initial care given immigrants by the Canadian authorities. The letter will include statements made by various ethnic groups in the city.
A campaign to increase the membership of the council will begin January 1.
THE COUNCIL has recently joined the Calgary Film Council. This affiliation will ensure a better supply of films for the council's meetings.
A large supply of English textbooks will be ordered by the council from the immigration department.
Mrs. D. M. Stewart was appointed chairman of a committee to organize a Christmas party for children of new Canadians.
THE FOLLOWING officers were elected: 
Bruce Leyden, first vice-president; Fred Nieboer, second vice-president; Mrs. Hermon Stevens, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Walter Chuckla, assistant secretary.
Directors' board: Peter Martinson, Mrs. Stewart, B. Yanga, T. Lakatos, N. Priestley, Miss R. Bombardieri, Mrs. P. Sneickus, Mrs. C. E. Grey, and Gustav Sandor.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-01-18