Calgary Herald

1953-11-15 Page 15


Dec. 1 Voting Deadline 

Sixty Are Nominated For Posts On Chamber

Sixty prominent Calgarians have been nominated for positions on the Calgary Chamber of Commerce council, and ballots for the voting were mailed today to more than 1,200 members.
All ballots must be marked and returned to the chamber office by 11 a.m. Dec. 1. Only ballots on which 25 names have been marked with an "X" will be accepted.
E. J. MUNSON is the president of the chamber. Vice-presidents are J. Howard Kelly, Q.C., MacDonald Millard, Q.C., and E. A. McCullough.
The Calgary council has 25 members from which the president, vice-presidents and other posts are filled.
Here are the nominees for the 1954 council and a breakdown of their classification: Oil and gas, R. C.  Brown, John O. Galloway, R. H. C. Harrison, Q.C., N. Eldon Tanner, H. E. Timmins; professional, W. B. Cromarty, Q.C., M. G. Graves, MacDonald Millard, Q.C., J. V. H. Milvain, Q.C., D. A. Ross and Dr. W. Ross Upton;
RETAIL, J. A. Conn, T. B. Hall, R. H. Jenkins and G. M. Wilkinson; transportation, J. F. Burritt, J. N. Fraine, Ernest A. Locke, G. F. V. Middleton; wholesale, L. G. Bartlett, W. D. Lightbody and E. T. Marshall;
Agriculture, Frank Collicut, W. A. Crawford-Frost, A. J. Hadden, Charles Kennedy, Grant MacEwan, Donald C. Matthews, Charles McKinnon, Hardy E. Salter and M. L. Wallace.
Automotive, R. M. Johnston, E. A. McCullough, S. J. Parkinson and H. I. Wilson; financial, J. R. Alexander, A. S. deRosenroll, Harold J. Howard, J. M. Jackson, J. C.  Mayne and A. R. Profit;
GRAIN, A. T. Baker, Arthur Boyse, George Edworthy, H. F. Francis and Lew Hutchinson; insurance, Sheldon Buckles, J. Glen Elder and William Hughes; manufacturing, Grant M. Carlyle, Kenneth Coppock, J.J. Hanna, Howard Kelly, G.T. Valentine and R.S. Woodford, Not classified D.A. Hansen, Maurice E. Hartnett, J.G. McQueen, F.W.B. Mirtle, C.E. Pinnell and Fane Polley

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-25