Calgary Herald

1953-10-29 Page 30


By Fred Kennedy 
All Exhibition Board Directors Re-Elected
Don C. Matthews, District Cattleman, Added To Board When Business Meeting Follows Luncheon 

All directors of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Ltd. were re-elected and Don C. Matthews, manager of the Highland Stock Farm, was added to the board, at the business meeting which followed the luncheon of the shareholders of the company held at the Stampede Corral  Wednesday afternoon.
W. A. Crawford-Frost was elected president in succession to George Edworthy who now becomes a life director. R. J. Dinning was named first vice-president, F. C. Manning, second vice-president and Maurice E. Hartnett was re-appointed general manager. W. L. Ross is assistant manager and Irven W. Parsons secretary.
THE BOARD of directors will consist of the following: Maurice L. Brown, W. A. Crawford-Frost, Clifton C. Cross, R. J. Dinning, N. A. (Mervyn) Dutton, George Edworthy, J. A. Grgogan, H. G. Love, F. C. Manning, Don C. Matthews, J. Angus McKinnon, J. W. Moyer, I. V. Parslow, M. M. Porter, P. J. Rock and Howard P. Wright.
Aldermen P. N.R. Morrison, Fred Parker, J. W. G. MacEwan and E. H. Starr will represent the city on the board of directors.
N. J. Christie, C. M. Baker, J. Charles Yule, A. H. McGuire, J. B. Cross and George Edworthy are life directors, while E. D. Adams, Frank Collicutt and D. E. Black are honorary life directors.
A NEW MOTION picture in color entitled "The Big Stampede" which was filmed at the 1953 show, was shown for the first time at the meeting. It was filmed by two California cameramen and after it has been edited, it will be released by United Artists throughout the United States and Canada.
The film also incorporated some of the Banff Indian Days Show.
The financial report, presented to the meeting by F. C. Manning, chairman of the finance committee, showed a new high record surplus on 1953 operations of $334,556.
Report of the president and manager was presented by Maurice E. Hartnett, general manager.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-06