Calgary Herald

1953-10-01 Page 35


Oil Drillers Name Officers 

Ted P. Bartlett, was elected president of the Canadian Association of Oilweyy Drilling Contractors at a recent meeting of the association in Calgary.
Retiring president is C. A. Nabors. New Vice president is William B. Crutcher.
Directors are Orval Matheney, Marvin Rush, Charles Thornton, Ray Tull, and Joseph W. Wark.
Mr. Bartlett, manager of Arrow Drilling Co. of Canada Ltd., came to Calgary in 1951 after several years with Arrow Drilling Co., supervising drilling operations in most of the mid-continent states of the U.S.
William Crutcher, assistant drilling manager for General Petroleums of Canada Limited, has held that position since 1949. He has been on the company's staff since 1941, and served as office manager until 1944, when he took over the supervision of purchasing and maintenance of drilling rigs for the company.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-12-23