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Chartered Accountant Exam Results Released 

John Ewart Collins, Calgary, led the group of Alberta candidates who wrote this year's final examination for chartered accountancy, winning the gold medal and $25 prize awarded by the Alberta Institute to the student achieving the highest standing. Results released by the institute's council show that David Cameron Christison of Calgary won the intermediate prize and George Foster Johnson, Red Deer, won the prize in the primary examination.
MR. COLLINS is the son of the late J. Ewart Collins, former partner in the firm of Collins and Collins, chartered accountants. He served his term of articles with the firm of Collins and Hames, Calgary. Mr. Christison is serving articles with the firm of Morton and Hills and previously attended Col. Walker junior high school and Crescent Heights school. Mr. Johnson is articled with the firm of M. F. Mackenzie and Co. in Red Deer, having previously attended high school in Drumheller. Forty-two students were successful in the final examination.
"WITH MORE than 90 per cent of Canadian public companies having their financial statements audited by chartered accountants, the results of the annual examinations should be of considerable interest," said Eric Connelly, president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta and treasurer of Mannix Ltd.
"Chartered accountants now occupy a position of the utmost importance in the economy of the country. It is not too bold to say that our whole financial structure rests firmly on the skill, independence and integrity of our profession. We advise companies both large and small on cost accounting, taxation, and other vital financial problems, in addition to matters of managerial and administrative concern. There is no profession today which has as great a knowledge of business generally in relation to the country's economy as ours".
Results of the accountants for primary, intermediate and final examinations, announced by the University of Alberta, follow:
Robert Aagaard, Drumheller; Jack Greaves Armstrong, Calgary;  William Raymond Barry, Calgary; Gerald Alfred Braden, Whitehorse, Y.T.; Rudolph Joseph Bruha, Edmonton; Kenneth Frederick Burton, Calgary; Douglas Stacey Chan, Calgary; William Menzies Christison, Calgary; Keith Huston Coppock, Calgary; Denis Zenon Cyr, Calgary; Erna Alfred Davis, Calgary; Ronald Sanford Dawson, Edmonton; Christian Johan Dreyer, Edmonton; Robert Eugene Duncan, Edmonton; Edward John Mathewson Ewens, Calgary.
Donald William Flood, Edmonton; Norman Howard Fox, Calgary; Robert Albin Gehmilch, Lethbridge; Otto Joseph Gleb, Calgary; Harold Kenneth Greenwood, Edmonton; Donald Angelo Guidolin, Drumheller; Keith Douglas Hames, Calgary; Peter Hanhart, Lethbridge; Donald James Jess, Calgary; George Foster Johnson, Red Deer; William Douglas Kabeary, Calgary.
Harold Keith Lazelle, Calgary; Maximiliaan Henri Leenders, Grande Prairie; Clifford Inglis Lucas, Edmonton; Thomas Gordon McNab, Lethbridge; Rodney John Carleton Matthews, Edmonton; Giles Robert Meikle, Edmonton; Verne Kenneth Olson, Edmonton; William Alan Opalka, Medicine Hat; Edgar Ernest Oswald, Edmonton.
Lloyd Ashley Patton, Medicine Hat; Graham Payne, Edmonton; Kenneth Douglas Pothecary, Calgary.
Robert Ezra Redgwell, Lethbridge; Kenneth Peter Rice, Edmonton; John Joseph Scanlan, Calgary; Thomas Joseph Shaughnessy, Edmonton; Ian D. Shearer, Edmonton; Alvin Henry Slever, Edmonton; Michael Dmytro Skitsko, Edmonton; Kenneth William Smith, Edmonton; Ronald Gordon Smyth, Calgary.
Gordon Alexander Timmins, Calgary; Allan Roderick Tomashavsky, Edmonton.
Mervyn Samuel Adams, Lethbridge; David Cameron Christison, Calgary; William Frew Clelland, Calgary; Andrew James Farmer, Calgary; Barrie Elford McNamee, Calgary; James Ronald McLean Maxwell, Calgary; William Mitchell, Calgary; Paul I. Roozen, Calgary; Allan Kingsley Sinclair, Calgary; Donald West Strang, Cranbrook, B.C.; David William Talbot, Calgary.
Kenneth Thomas Allison, Calgary; Howard James Aitken, Edmonton; Herbert Richard Auck, Calgary; Ronald Arthur Baines, Calgary; Henry Robert John Barrett, Edmonton; John Robert Bateman, Calgary; Garth Lester Campbell, Edmonton; John Ewart Collins, Calgary; Arthur Kenneth Davies, Calgary; William Parker Davis, Calgary; Enso DePaoli, Calgary; Ian William Metcalf Dunaway, Edmonton.
Gordon Clarence Ennis, Calgary; John Preston Fowler, Edmonton; Raymond George Harris, Edmonton; Gordon Alexander Reynold Hauff, Edmonton; Walter Eastwood Howard, Calgary; Charles William Ireland, Calgary. 
William Max Karney, Calgary; Stanley Reesor Kaufman, Edmonton; Aime Michael Keroack, Edmonton; Wallace Hardgraves Key, Edmonton; Stanley MacDonald, Kitimat, B.C.; Norman Bruce McGie, Vernon, B.C.; Ross Reginald McKinnon, Calgary; Ernest Mainwood, Calgary; Gordon William Mair, Montreal, P.Q.; David Arthur Moulding, Calgary.
William Isaac Campbell Niles, Lethbridge; Walter Nobbs, Calgary; Robert Melvin Parkyn, Lethbridge; Gerald Edward Pearson, Edmonton; Eward Gordon Ringnose, Edmonton; Pettet Robinson, Calgary; Gordon Samuel Saggen, Edmonton; William Spark, Calgary; James Wesley Stansberry, Edmonton.
William John Archer Toole, Calgary; Jeannine Eleanor Faye Tupper, Edmonton; Gerald Wilfred Watkins, Calgary; Donald Reginald Yoeman, Calgary; Chester Walter Young, Edmonton.

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