Calgary Herald

1953-02-07 Page 14


Arthritis Group Elects Officers 

(By Herald Correspondent)

CRANBROOK, B.C.-- Establishment of an East Kootenay physio-therapy treatment unit of the Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society was the largest development in 1952 of the Cranbrook Unit of C.A.R.S., it was reported at the annual meeting. It began with arrival of Miss Joyce Chu-Cheong as physio-therapist for Cranbrook last March, but success of financial drives increased her territory with addition of Creston, Kimberley and Fernie, all of whom conducted fund campaigns.
She was provided with a car by provincial headquarters, and gave treatments in all centres periodically. She has now been succeeded by Miss Rachel Daggett.
TREATMENT in initial stages was largely for chronic cases of rheumatism and arthritis, but following the summer East Kootenay polio epidemic post-polio treatment, particularly among children, has been a main item of C.A.R.S. work in the district.
The district contributed more than $3,500 in the annual C.A.R.S. drive for funds which is conducted nationally. Cranbrook provided the most substantial returns at $1,698, with Kimberley Community Chest donating $750, a Fernie drive returning $911.72, and a Creston drive $202. Similar campaigns will be conducted this year, with Cranbrook's scheduled to start April 16.
RONALD DALE has been named C.A.R.S. chairman, with J. S. Dunlop vice-chairman, Miss Marie Laughlan secretary, and treasurer to be appointed. Dr. F. W. Green is honorary president and director, while other executive members are Mrs. A. G. James and W. E. Leaman for Kimberley, Charles Gillett and Mrs. J. J. Haile of Fernie, and Creston members to be named. George Haddad is 
publicity chairman.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-13