Calgary Herald

1953-05-16 Page 6


Engineers' Wives Elect Executive At Annual Meeting

At the recent annual meeting of the Engineering Institute of Canada Wives Club, held at the Glencoe Club, the following slate of the officers for the coming year was adopted:
Honorary president, Mrs. K. W. Mitchell; president, Mrs. R. S. Woodford; past president, Mrs. W. A. Smith; vice-president, Mrs. H. R. Hayes; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. J. Devlin; social convener, Mrs. W. Gray Sharp; membership, Mrs. James McMillan; and sick-visiting, Mrs. H. Randle.
Mrs. W. A. Smith, retiring president, conducted the business meeting and introduced the new president, Mrs. R. S. Woodford. Reports were given by the secretary-treasurer, Mrs. W. C. Whittaker, and the following group conveners: social, Mrs. N. J. Christie; membership, Mrs. R. F. Bailey; bowling, Mrs. H. J. McEwen; handicrafts, Mrs. J. H. Wilson; mixed bridge, Mrs. W. C. Gussow; women's bridge, Mrs. D. C. Hutchinson; and sick-visiting, Mrs. H. Randle.
It was announced that $50 had been put into a scholarship fund, until such time as a suitable engineering scholarship is possible. Bowling and bridge prizes were awarded.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-26