Calgary Herald

1953-03-28 Page 10



Edmonton Man Heads Society

Dr. C. G. Geggie of Edmonton was elected president of the John Howard Society of Alberta at its annual meeting in Edmonton Friday evening.
He succeeds D. E. Lewis of Calgary.
G. W. Blake of Calgary was elected a vice-president of the society as were E. D. Fryett of Lethbridge and D. E. Smith of Edmonton.
THE INCREASING importance of adding more staff in Alberta was stressed by honorary secretary Rev. Father Joseph LeFort of Calgary.
"The scarcity of trained social workers, especially those with experience in prisoner rehabilitation, has caused the board of directors a great deal of concern during the past year," he said.
Further reports showed that a total of 3,503 prisoners were interviewed in the province during 1952.
The financial report showed the society operated at a loss in 1952. Total receipts were $29,379 and expenditures were $31,818.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-06