Calgary Herald

1953-05-19 - Page 26



Hospital Group Has 40 Members

(By Herald Correspondent)
KIMBERLEY, B.C.-- With recently revised bylaws of its constitution, which opens membership at $1 a year to any resident of the district, Kimberley and District General Hospital (McDougall Memorial) has had its first annual meeting with a membership of about 40. Under its former regulations the Society was limited to its board of directors.
NAMED by the meeting to the first board, elected as officers were Kurt Raht as chairman; N. G. Randall as vice-chairman; G. A. Thompson secretary-treasurer; P. H. Sevensma, St
anley Prime and Mrs. Frances McWhirter of Marysville board members. Appointed city representative on the board was alderman Mrs. Fred Burrin, and  provincial government representative William Faulds.
This board will meet each month to deal with affairs of the Society.
As acknowledgement of valuable past services to the hospital since the original Kimberley Hospital Society was chartered Jan. 10, 1927, honorary life memberships in the re-organized society were conferred on  H. R. Banks and Fraser McKay.
FINDINGS of the current survey as to 
Kimberley district's hospital needs, with reference to its existing hospital facilities, were reported to the meeting. The new organization starts strongly supported in a practical way by a newly formed separate Ladies' Auxiliary to the hospital, which has enrolled about 300 members during the past couple of months.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-26