Calgary Herald

1953-02-27 Page 6

Volunteers' Achievements Noted by Council Speaker

Mrs. Russell Clark was re-elected president of the Local Council of Women at the annual meeting held Thursday at the Gas Company auditorium when the guest speaker was Mrs. S. B. Laing, formerly of Winnipeg.
Past-president of the Central Volunteer Bureau in Winnipeg Mrs. Laing spoke on "Achievement Through Volunteer Work, " telling of the many improvements in social welfare that had been brought about, directly or indirectly, by the efforts of volunteers.
"A volunteer worker is no longer a woman with a basket on her arm, a lump in her throat and nothing in her head," she declared. "Many institutions of value and necessity have been built up by volunteers who have given their time to campaign and canvass for support. Such organizations as the Red Cross, for instance, have been built up through volunteer work."
But Mrs. Laing felt that if they were to keep the achievements they had promoted, volunteer workers must keep the warm and personal touch. "Remember, it's for the people we give our service, not any organization."
In addition to helping others, it was the opinion of the speaker that volunteer workers themselves derived much benefit from their work. They got a new understanding of how to work in groups and lost their prejudices against people of other races, creeds and political convictions. She felt it was an important aspect of citizenship because volunteers learned of the services offered by their city and this led to intelligent action being taken when services were found lacking.
Furthermore, volunteer work satisfied the need for giving that most people experience.
In her presidential report Mrs. Clark reviewed the year's achievements.
Mrs. John Gorman spoke briefly on behalf of the handicapped. She read three resolutions for discussion which would be presented at the next meeting. They appealed to the city to install a public washroom near the 4th St. W. subway; to insist that public eating places display notices of their washrooms and to have the public washroom hours at the 7th Ave. E. location extended from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m.
In her treasurer's report Mrs. Chris Crum stated receipts during the year totaled $992 and disbursements $906. Mrs. J. E.  Campbell urged the women to appoint a liason officer from their groups to the Canadian Association  of Consumers. Mrs. Oscar Stonewall read the corresponding secretary's report and Mrs. J. R. King presented the recording secretary's report for Mrs. Florence Olsen.
Other officers on the executive slate are: vice-president, Mrs. James Zimmerman; Mrs. Arthur Hall and Mrs. Stephen Putnik; treasurer, Mrs. G. H. Hiett; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Oscar Stonewall; assistant, Mrs. Putnik; recording secretary, Mrs. G. A. Robinson; assistant, Mrs. J. R. King. Conveners: laws, Mrs. John Gorman; child welfare, Mrs. Sigrid Johnsen; citizenship, Mrs. J. E. Campbell; United Nations, Mrs. E. C. Cameron; unemployment insurance, Mrs. Jean McDonald; public health, Mrs. John Whitzel.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-25