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1953-12-12 Page 13


Red Cross Officers Returned At Nanton 

(By Herald Correspondent)

NANTON-- The past week at Nanton, Parkland, Cayley and surrounding district has been lively with annual meetings and the electionof officers for church and community organizations.
Sun Prairie Mission Circle, a rural group west of Nanton, which has been operating for more than 45 years, re-elected Mrs. A. A. Koch to the presidency with Mrs. W. W. Bryce as secretary-treasurer and Mrs. Dave Anderson 
as assistant to the secretary.
AT THEIR annual Christmas dinner and meeting members of the United Church Junior Guild named Mrs. George McKeage as
president; Mrs. Andrew Patton, vice-president and Mrs. Albert Koch, second vice-president. Mrs. R. S. Nixon was elected secretary, and Mrs. C. L. Rhyason, treasurer. Group leaders are Mrs. T. C. Stewart, Mrs. M. L. Johnson and Mrs. C. C. Marshall.
The meeting was addressed by Mrs. C. R. Johnson of Claresholm, who is 
president of the High River Presbytery W.A.
AT THE DECEMBER meeting of Nanton United Church Women's Auxiliary Mrs. H. T. Nixon was 
re-elected president of the group for 1954. Other officers of the group are Mrs. Harold Garbutt, secretary, and Mrs. O. E. Smith, assistant; Mrs. R. H. Richardson, treasurer;and Mrs. Carl Anderson, assistant.
Ten groups were drawn and the convener of each also acts as the vice-president and takes charge of one meeting in the year.Conveners are Mrs. Kate Loree, Mrs. R. D. McPherson, Mrs. S. T. Armstrong, Mrs. R. B. Young, Mrs. W. H. Read, Mrs. C. A. Ketcham, Mrs. M. C. Morrow, Mrs. R. M. Walker, Mrs. M. E. Mythaler, and 
Mrs. Mary Loree.
THE GROUP'S annual dinner and installation of officers will be held in January. The secretary, Mrs. R. J. Bridgett presented the secretary's report about work done during the year. The treasurer's report showed a healthy bank balance.
THE NANTON branch of the Canadian Red 
Cross re-elected the 1953 executive to office, these being Mrs. A. A. Cummings, president; Mrs. A. R. Lyon, vice-president; Mrs. Mary Dulmage, secretary, and Rev. C. D. Powell, treasurer and manager of the fund raising campaign. The treasurer's report showed the $2,815 had been raised during the past year.
Mrs. Cummings, who is convener of the blood transfusion clinic, reported that people in Nanton-Parkland district
 had donated 326 bottles of blood in two clinics held at Nanton, one in May and one late in November.
At Parkland Mrs. Sidney Buckland was elected president of the 
Parkland United Church Women's Auxiliary and Mrs. R. B. Evans, first vice-president. Mrs. Isobel Spencer, second vice-president, and Mrs. Nels Berger, third vice-president. Mrs. H. T. Harris was re-electedsecretary; and Mrs. Keith Evans, treasurer.
Mrs. Richard Brookway was elected president of the Women's Auxiliary of Cayley United Church. Mrs. Gordon Cameron was named vice-president; Mrs. Ruby Caspell, secretary and Mrs. Joseph Bergh, treasurer. A Christmas dinner was held at the close of the meeting.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-02-01