Calgary Herald

1953-10-28 Page 21

Elevator Men Re-Elect Ward

Ernest I. Ward, executive of Midland and Pacific Grain Corporation, has been re-elected chairman of the Northwest Line Elevators Association, for the tenth successive year.
E. J. Munson, of the National Grain Company, retired as vice-chairman, an office he held for nine years. The new vice-chairman is Gordon J. Cummings, of Independent Grain Co.
THE MEMBERS of the association represent companies operating some 800 grain elevators in Alberta and B.C. Daily problems arising in the grain trade are ironed out by the association, which also provides continuous price quotation service on world markets.
James Beazley continues as secretary. Mr. Beazley has occupied this position for 25 years. Members of the new executive include: Archie Boyce, L. R. Wood, H. L. Whittaker, Arthur Pierson, Alex Watson, William Fennell, H. O. Heimbacker, K. C. Ramsay, G. A. Rettie, L. C. Hergott, J. R. MacRae, Edward Gregor, and George McMann.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-06