Calgary Herald

1953-02-16 Page 24


Safety Awards Given Dairymen

The following have been named safety award winners for 1952 by the United Dairies' Safety Council.
For three accident free years on wagons, Frederick Fawdry, Thomas Johnson; trucks, F. J. Moore, Claude Salmon; route foremen, James Jess, E. L. Cleve, F. J. Cleve; route supervisors, Alex Barrie, Lester Lambert, Fred Beable; wholesale trucks, Jim Jess; ice cream truck, Roy Sargent; garage and barns, Peter Hansen, Charles Robertson, Paxton Allison, Peter Poffenroth, Thomas Mahoney, Ray Feldt, and Charles Borgens; special delivery trucks, Fred Matthews.
FOR TWO ACCIDENT free years on wagons, George Baker; trucks, Bob Hleuka, Nick Kunn, William Schneidmiller; route foremen, John Gerlitz, Peter Graves, F. T. Harbridge; route supervisors, Andrew Walker; special delivery trucks, Carl Smith.
For one accident free year on trucks, D. E. Rowe, Robert Osadchuk, G. P. Hewitt, J. A. Nuell, Leonard Chamberlain, D. C. Wordie, T. R. Million, Fred Reynolds, John Eggen, R. S. Benson, Robert Renaud; route foreman, A. K. Murray; special delivery trucks, Tom Spensley, Martin Neigel, Walter Cordick.
he awards were presented recently to the United Dairy employees by Sgt. Chris Stagg, head of city police traffic squad.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-14