Calgary Herald

1953-03-23 Page 26



Community Group Names Officers 

Jack Diamond was elected president of the Victoria Community Association at the annual meeting recently. He succeeds Robert Kerr.
Other officers are Ken Paget, honorary 
president; Ralph Hanly, vice-president; Alex Clarke, secretary; Wes Hamilton, treasurer; Dave McRitchie, building fund chairman and editor of Community News; J. Nugent, entertainment committee chairman; L. M. Franks, C.C.R.A. delegate, and R. H. Nickle, publicity chairman.
MR. McRITCHIE announced that a start has been made on the community building at 15th Ave. and 3rd St. E.
The meeting agreed to continue the yearly scholarship awarded to students of  Victoria school.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-06