Calgary Herald

1953-04-28 Page 7


Slate Nominated At Annual Meeting Of C.W.L. Unit 

The St. John's Unit of the C.W.L. held its annual meeting and banquet at the Royal hotel recently. Guests and members were welcomed by unit director Rev. Father J. C. Lynett, and president, Mrs. Alex McDonald. In an address Rev. Father W. Leonard urged the members to broaden their outlook in the interests of Christian charity.
A program of entertainment followed, with an accordion solo by Miss Roswitha Galland, a piano solo by Miss J. Youngblood, and a vocal solo by Miss Isobelle Kennedy.
The meeting was opened with the League prayer, and Mrs. Arthur Stewart read the minutes of the last regular meeting and gave her annual report. The annual financial statement was given by the treasurer, Mrs. Walter Young, and the president's report followed.
Mrs. William Symons, head of the nominating committee, submitted the following names for offices for the coming year:
President, Mrs. Alex. McDonald; past president, Mrs. J. J. McAuley; first, second and third vice-presidents, Mrs. W. J. Sweeney, Mrs. Frank Wittup and Mrs. C. W. Hives respectively; secretary, Mrs. L. G. Lindland, and treasurer, Mrs. Charles McGowan.
Councilors elected were: Mrs. J. M. Cress, Mrs. E. M. Baden, Mrs. R. H. Cummins, Mrs. W. J. Grant, Mrs. A. P. Jarosh, Mrs. Walter Young, Mrs. E. M. Weiss, Mrs. Arthur Stewart, Mrs. A. F. Murphy, Mrs. A. J. Garson and Mrs. K. R. Sullivan.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-19