Calgary Herald

1953-09-30 Page 47

Sunday School Is Organized 

(By Herald Correspondent)

A prospective? attendance of 90 was estimated, when fall classes were organized for the United Church in Alix, Sunday. The rally day service drew 55 children.
Superintendent is Mrs. Harry Ashley, with teachers Mrs. E. F. Holsworth, Mrs. Vera Johnson, Mrs. Fred Rouse, Mrs. Glenn Rouse, Mrs. L. Hollings, and Charlie McDerman. Substitute teachers are Mrs. Gordon Wilton, Mrs. Jack Rhodes, Mrs. Owen Jennings and Mrs. Dave Goodman. The classes will begin in a new church.
The baptismal service in the evening was conducted by Rev. Fred Forster of Bashaw.
FORMER acquaintances were renewed by Mr. and Mrs. Vergrowe of Calgary, who were in business here many years ago.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-12-23