Calgary Herald

1953-01-02 Page 7


Mrs. A. Barroll Heads Grace Church W.M.S. 

Mrs. A. Barroll was named president of Grace Church W.M.S. at the annual meeting held recently. Other officers on the new slate installed by Mrs. J. Metcalfe, president of the synodical, were: Honorary president, Mrs. F. S. Morley; first vice-president, Mrs. J. W. Crawford; second vice-president, Mrs. I. J. Towers; secretary, Mrs. F. A. Irwin; assistant secretary, Mrs. E. Rose; treasurer, Mrs. J. R. Bradbury; expense treasurer, Mrs. Hugh Young; supply, Mrs. D. C. Mauchline; Glad Tidings, Mrs. E. R. Inglis; Home Helpers, Mrs. J. Maguire; welcome and welfare, Mrs. J. Crowe; literature, Mrs. T. M. Allen; press, Miss M. Cowan; Watch Tower, Mrs. J. H. Jamieson; pianist, Mrs. D. C. Mauchline; General hospital visitor, Mrs. Harry Rimmer; Holy Cross hospital visitor, Mrs. J. Burnett.
Mrs. I. J. Pierce read the Christmas story from the Bible and Mrs. G. Denoon gave a prayer. It was announced by the treasurer that the group's allocation had been met. Group secretaries gave reports of progress during the year.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-07-27