Calgary Herald

Jan 19, 1953 - Page 6



Presbyterian W.M.S. Elects Executive Slate 

At a recent meeting of the Women's Missionary Society of the North Hill Presbyterian Church officers for the year were elected as follows:
Honorary president, Mrs. A. F. Howick; president, Mrs. M. E. Walker; vice-president, Mrs. William Gilbert; treasurer, Mrs. A. C. Low; secretary, Mrs. J. B. Milne; home helpers, Mrs. A. D. McGregor; literature, Mrs. P. Livingstone; Glad Tidings, Mrs. Adie Wood; welcome and welfare, Mrs. W. Gilbert; organist, Mrs. G. C. Shearer; press, Mrs. J. B. Milne. The officers were installed by Rev. Dr. A. F. Howick. The Society had a very successful year, exceeding their allocation.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-22