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1953-02-12 Page 6


Mrs. Edward Geehan Elected Missionary President

The Calgary Presbyterial W.M.S. of the United Church elected Mrs. Edward Geehan president at the 28th annual meeting held Wednesday in North Hill United Church, and accepted for 1953 an allocation of $12,915.
More than 80 delegates from many points in Alberta attended the session.
THE TREASURER'S report, given by Mrs. R. C. Robertson, showed givings for 1952 totalling $13,201, representing an increase of $845 over the previous year. The budget for 1953 remained the same as that for the previous year. It was pointed out that while the amount of the allocation remains unchanged for 1953, it nevertheless represents a substantial increase of $2,583 over that accepted in 1951.
Appointments to the various committees were as follows: business, Mrs. B. A. Choppen, Mrs. J. H. Beatty and Mrs. J. Thompson; resolutions, Mrs. William Kemp, Mrs. T. B. Lowe and Mrs. C. C. Rose; finance, Mrs. R. C. Robertson, Mrs. A. M. Reed, Mrs. C. T. Hatfield, Mrs. W. T. McFarlane, Mrs. A. H. Wallace, Mrs. E. S. Morton McConnell, Mrs. R. W. Sanderson and Miss Doris Watson; press, Miss Jean McCallum; and courtesy, Mrs. J. E. Keir and Mrs. George Moffat.
IN HER PRESIDENTIAL address on the convention's theme "Enlistment for 1953," Mrs. W. B. Fraser pointed out that up to the present time the missionary movement in the church has been a minority movement. It must now give way to a missionary church, in which all members, young and old alike, endeavor to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. "Only by cooperation, increased interest and by being well-informed can we continue to spread the gospel at home and overseas," she said.
The corresponding secretary, Mrs. Arthur Turner, reported a total membership of 1,171,  representing an increase of 66 over 1952. Two new auxiliaries were formed, an evening one at Wesley United Church, and an afternoon one at Airdrie. Former members of Balzac, Columbia and Airdrie affiliated societies joined to form a full-time group in the Calgary presbyterial.
REPORTS of various groups were encouraging. Mission circles, reported by the secretary, Miss Edith McLean, numbered five in 1952, with an enrolment of 48, and increased their givings by $40. Supply secretary Mrs. A. G. Robinson reported a total of 199 parcels weighing a ton sent to Korea, and in addition $343 sent in money gifts. Several groups contributed to overseas relief, two parcels of used clothing were sent to Greece and a parcel of children's clothing was sent to Japan.
In addition, cartons were sent to the John Neil hospital at Cold Lake, the Girls' home at Bonnyville, the Battle River hospital at Manning, and Indian missions at Duffield, Goodfish and Saddle Lake reserve. Gifts were made to Mountview home, Central Alberta Sanatorium, various needy families and shut-ins, and to Peace River for re-distribution by the district nurse. Mrs. Neil McKechnie, reporting on community friendship, said that 14,319 visits had been the made to patients in hospitals, and to other sick and shut-ins.
THE EXECUTIVE elected for 1953 is as follows: past president, Mrs. W. B. Fraser; president, Mrs. Edward Geehan; first, second, third and fourth vice-presidents, Mrs. G. Moffat, Mrs. J. E. Kerr, Mrs. C. C. Rose, and Mrs. C. F. Rannie, respectively; recording secretary, Mrs. R. A. Wilson;  correspondingsecretary, Mrs. Arthur Turner; and treasurer, Mrs. R. C. Robertson.
Groups will be headed as follows: Christian stewardship, Mrs. M. L. Bowen; missionary circles, Miss B. Oldham; affiliated C.G.I.T., Miss J. G. Anderson; missionary bands, Mrs. R. W. Sanderson; baby bands, Mrs. N. Desmond; associate members, Mrs. N. F. Bell; supply, Mrs. A. G. Robinson; community friendship, Mrs. W. Fitzsimmons; literature, Mrs. E. P. Richardson; Missionary Monthly, Miss Louise Breckon; Christian citizenship, Mrs. A. Anderson; and press, Miss Jean McCallum.
A banquet concluded the afternoon activities and at the evening session Rev. G. Preston MacLeod gave a talk, "Cavalcade of the Kingdom".

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-13