Calgary Herald

1953-12-24 - Page 5


Church Group Holds Election

(By Herald Correspondent)
The W.A. of the United Church met at the home of Mrs. D. J. McKinnon and elected the following officers: president, Mrs. Otillia Kilcup; vice-president, Mrs. D. J. McKinnon; 2nd vice-president, Mrs. Alvin Ferguson; secretary, Mrs. W. F. MacBeth; treasurer, Mrs. G. B. Field; sick committee, Mrs. W. C. Downey, Mrs. Tom Hayne, Mrs. Dave Anderson, and Mrs. John Slemcoe. A donation of money was sent to Woods Home.
The Sunday school concert was held Friday night in the Church. The school concert will be held tonight.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-02-01