Calgary Herald

1953-01-29 Page 7


Dean Craig Instals Executive For W.A. At The Cathedral

Mrs. L. Batten was elected president of the evening branch of the W.A. of the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer at a supper held recently. Among the honored guests were Rev. Dean J. H. Craig and Mrs. Craig, Canon W. E. Herbert and Mrs. Herbert, Rev. Ernest Phipps, Mr. and Mrs. E. Baker and Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Halpenny.
Other officers installed by Dean Craig were: Honorary president, Mrs. J. H. Craig; first vice-president, Mrs. M. Gibney; second vice-president, Mrs. C. Witcher; secretary, Mrs. J. A. Ireland; treasurer, Miss Eileen Parker; Living Message secretary, Miss Margerite Holmes; United thankoffering, Mrs. A. Cormack; prayer partner, Mrs. G. Ramsden; children's secretary, Mrs. H. Fox; p
rogram and memo convener, Miss Eileen S. Adames; scrap book, Mrs. B. Fenton; refreshments, Mrs . R. Lemmen and Mrs. B. Fenton; sick visitor, Mrs. Jean Longpre.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-06