Calgary Herald

1953-01-17 Page 7


Christ Church W.A. Has New Slate Installed By Canon Crump 

Canon W. H. H. Crump installed the following new slate of officers at the recent annual meeting of W.A. of Christ Church: honorary presidents, Mrs. W. H. H. Crump and Mrs. A. D. Currie; past president, Mrs. A. J. M. Round; president, Mrs. A. C. Smith; vice-president, Mrs. T. McDermott; secretary, Mrs. W. L. Lane; and treasurer, Mrs. E. H. Boalch.
Other offices filled are: Dorcas, Mrs. A. Nornabell; little helpers, Mrs. D. S. Robertson and Mrs. R. B. Pyke; living message, Mrs. J. A.Campbell; education, Mrs. W. King; united thank offering, Mrs. R. P. Richardson; tea hostesses, Mrs. H. M. Bennett and Mrs. R. H. Hincks; visiting, Mrs. F. Youngblood, Mrs. W. King and Mrs. J. C. Fewkes; delegates to the diocesan board, Mrs. R. 
Bamlett and Mrs. F. H. Pearce.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-22