Calgary Herald

1953-12-21 - Page 6


Mrs. N. F. Bell Heads Executive Of Crescent W.M.S. 

The allocation for 1953 has been met by the W.M.S. of Crescent Heights United Church it was announced at a recent meeting, at which the following officers were installed by Rev. W. R. Ashford:
Honorary president, Mrs. W. R. Ashford; past-president, Mrs. F. Dwelle; president, Mrs. N. F. Bell; first vice-president, Mrs. R. C. Austin; second vice-president, Mrs. W. Creighton; third vice-president, Mrs. D. M. Maxwell; secretary, Mrs. B. A. Choppen; treasurer, Mrs. A. M. Reed; christian stewardship, Mrs. J. Maberley; baby band superintendent, Mrs. J. Faulkner; supply secretary, Mrs. W. Byler; citizenship and temperance, Mrs. Ann Ing; community friendship, Mrs. E. Vickery; press, Mrs. H. Matthews; pianist, Mrs. E. Vickery; literature supply, Mrs. W. B. McCallum.
Mr. Ashford gave an address on the Christmas theme. Mrs. J. Beattie led the group in singing carols; Mrs. Reed assisted by Mrs. John Maberley gave the devotional; Mrs. Fred Walton sang "Jerusalem"; Mrs. John Maberley spoke on Christian stewardship.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-02-01