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Presbytery W.A. Names Officers 

(By Herald Correspondent)
Mrs. E. Stewart of Morrin was elected president of Drumheller Presbytery W.A., at the recent annual meeting held at Delia.
Mrs. T. Collinge, Acme, was named vice-president (west); Mrs. J. T. Wood, Oyen, vice-president (east); Mrs. John Robertson, Drumheller, secretary; Mrs. R. Wacker, Swalwell, treasurer; Mrs. William Acton, Drumheller, literature and devotions; convener, Mrs. K. Syer, Acme, Youth Work and Candidate Sponsor; Mrs. W. Hymas, Rosebud, Christian Fellowship and Visiting; Mrs. George Carter, Delia, Press and Christian Stewardship.
REV. C. W. ZURBRIGG of Drumheller installed these officers.
Tribute for her untiring efforts was paid to retiring president, Mrs. William Acton.
At this annual meeting and Presbyterial W.M.S. rally, visitors were welcomed by Mrs. J. Eberle, Mrs. H. Sloan and Rev. Henry De Leuw. Guest speakers were Mrs. J. Reinders, who reported on the meeting of the Dominion Board, W.M.S., in Toronto, and Mrs. E. A. Corbett, who spoke on the Dominion Council of the W.A., also held in Toronto. The devotional period was led by Miss E. Cosens of the Newcastle Mission.
THE W.A., in its general business session, made plans to send a contribution to the Dominion Council Education Day Fund, and to establish a St. Stephen's College bursary. Funds have been raised to assist a student in the Drumheller Presbytery to attend the Naramata Training School.
If no one in this presbytery wishes to take advantage of the opportunity this term, the fund will be used to send some other Alberta student to Naramata this fall.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-12-28